Dr Tricia King is a researcher in creative arts health projects for wellbeing focusing on creative engagement with older people through photographic and creative practices.

Utilising lens-based techniques such as photo voice, photo-elicitation, documentary and collaborative photography, Tricia develops collaborative participant driven projects anchored in ethically focused research methods and underpinned by friendship and reciprocity. Her work predominantly focuses on older people living in aged care and people living with dementia to explore their lived experience, enhance well-being and help develop programs to assist with greater socialisation and communication. Her current work involves interdisciplinary collaborations with health professionals to develop methods of creative projects to increase creativity, movement, socialisation and wellbeing and explorations of photographic practices with people living with dementia.

Tricia’s creative practice explores interdisciplinary place-based projects which investigate how remote embodied experiences of natural environments can facilitate ecological empathy, cultural knowledge and connection to place.


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  1. Hi there!

    I am very excited to be emailing you because i am engaged!! Eekk!! I am searching for a photographer to capture my special day! I am writing to find your availability for October 2015 and a price listing from you please

    Warm regards
    – ben and sheridan

  2. Hi Tricia!

    We are planning our wedding for 26 June 2016, with an afternoon ceremony in Maleny and an evening reception in Kelvin Grove. We are interested in grabbing some more information about your photography packages.



  3. Hi there,
    Could you please send me a quote for you to photograph my wedding, to be held in Brisbane March 19 next year.
    I would ideally like photographs captured from time of dressing, to the reception with people dancing etc to capture the more relaxed and informal part of the night.
    I love your work on your website and look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind Regards,

    Lauren Abdy.

  4. Hi Tricia, a voice from your past…. Just looking through my emails and came across your email re your website. It has changed, looks great, good to see your name in your new site label, love your logo 🙂

    I thought I would share my art facebook page with you, I have only had it up and running for a short while. I have become very active with my artwork in the last 12 months and will try to keep the site updated.

    Love your work, I hope you are enjoying being away from QUT (joke, of course you are) really miss having you at OR, but can’t imagine why you would come back.

  5. Good evening I got you info from a frinend who looked into your services, I am just enquiring on pricing and if you are available on the 21/05/2016? Many thanks Amy 🙂

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