About Me

I am a documentary photographer and PhD candidate.

I document lives – mine, my family, people of all walks of life, yours.  I capture pieces of it, I try and find the core of the everyday.  I’ve been doing this since early high school when I fell in love with film photography and used to squirrel away in the darkroom under the stairs and watch the silver halides dance.  After exhibiting here and overseas and having work in print, I started to tell the stories of families and weddings. Being invited into people’s lives is pretty huge and I’ve been so fortunate to share and document these moments.

Recently I turned my emphasis back to my pure documentary work undertaking a project highlighting the everyday lived experience in aged care as part of my Masters. Now, as part of my PhD I’m looking at the relationship older people have with the photographic object, situating myself within several aged care facilities to see, hear and document their stories. I still photograph weddings – but I balance them with my social documentary work.

I’m a storyteller at heart and its a thrill to see a story unfold before my eyes.  

And, since every story has a narrator, and so I always sneak a shot of the shooter.

Here are a few.




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